[Buying] Skeleton Farms/Spawners

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  1. I have a skeleton spawner (only one) on utopia, If you are interested. I would show you by boat ride:) because I have a barrier set up. PM me if you're interested. Im bad with coordinates so, yeah.
  2. Bump! :)
    I already know where a skeleton spawner is on utopia. Its farely close to spawn. I need one on smp1 because I am gonna loose membership soon.
  3. I can build a sky trap that gets skeletons zombies spiders and creepers. Takes 8 mins to get to level 30 and you get 32 arrows every 8 mins on average. I will build it for free if you supply the materials and pick out the location where it will be hidden and on a server that is not smp4 1 or utopia. And we share it. You can have the items I just want the xp
  4. With the new groups we get sharing bonus
  5. I need it only STRICTLY on smp1.
  6. See I could build it there but you don't want an farm on a server you commonly play on, here's why

    You would have to continually travel back and forth. If you we're on a server you don't play in you could logout and then login to you house and then be instantly back to the trap by logging in to other server
  7. Your statement is true, but the reason I want it on smp1 is to just get the bones and go to my res and use them for bonemeal. On other smps, like utopia, I have to get the bones, and go to town spawn, vault it, and then go to smp1. If there was a way for this spawner to go to spawn fast, or it was really close, I would appreciate it. I may reconsider.
  8. You are correct for your needs, I just want xp and mabye arrows