[ BUYING ] Single Skeleton Spawner

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  1. I am willing to buy a single skeleton Spawner on smp1 that is decently close (I.e. Within 1000 blocks) to a outpost. The Spawner does not need to be set up, I can do that my self ( although it will make my job easier). Once you sell me the coords, you can NEVER tell anyone the coords or go to the spawner EVER AGAIN. PM me if you are willing to sell one for about 2.5 k - 3 k (unfinished)
  2. *Another bump :(*
  3. Well, skeleton spawners are more or less worth around 5k...due to there mob drops.
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  4. Ooh that might b a prob, I only have 3 k to spend...
  5. Sorry mark, ur prices r 2 high for me -_-
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  6. Are you shore? Look again,Sometimes you read your rupees stats wrong,I know from experience ;)
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  7. Do you mean my prices are low?
  8. No,I mean that he might have missread his rupees status ;)
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  9. Seeing as you're not a supporter, I would say get a spawner farther out. People see you buying a spawner they may stalk you on live map.
  10. One thing I don't like about live map is that people, if you are standing still, get the impression that you are working at a mob grinder. S0 they go to you, dig down, and walah.
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  11. Thats why I like to sit under lava.... lol
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  12. Maybe they should give you the ability to hide yourself on the live map. I know that is a supporter perk, but I think they should give it to the players and give something else to the supporters.
  13. Just pay 5 Dollars a month and problem solved :p

    ITs not very much you know :p
  14. Yah, but I am saving up for a 2 more monitors.... and my paypal count was impounded b/c I never used it.:confused:
  15. Lol,I already have 2 and Im trying to convince my parents to get a third :)