Buying - silk touch Picks

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  1. I intend to use them for silly things, so I dont need anything special on them. Efficiency is fine, not lookinf for high end picks.
  2. I've got two Silk Unbreaking III Efficiency IV picks.
  3. In a store, or do I need to contact you?
  4. I have a silk touch eff III pick if you want to buy it
  5. How much?
  6. i just put it up for auction if you would like to bid on it :)
  7. I have 2 silk unb3 and eff4, 1 silk with eff2 and a silk with unb 3 eff5.
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  8. I am starting an enchanted item shop at my res on smp3 the number is 6187 and I have one eff. 3 pick and a eff.4 pick each one is diamond.
    Direction: take the auction room teleported and just go down one level and it is there.
  9. If they aren't stocked by tonight message me. Thx
  11. no less than 13k each.
  12. How much?
  13. I am auctioning Unbreaking III Eff IV Silk touch I Right now if you would like to go bid its at 5.5 k right now