|BUYING|Silk Touch Pickaxe

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  1. Item: Diamond Pickaxe
    Enchants: Silk Touch I (required), Unbreaking or Efficiency (not required)
    Quantity: 3
    Price: You choose! (negotiable)
    Delivery: mail please and (if you can) today.
  2. i can sell you the silk touch books
  3. I have them right now :)
  4. Oh and if you can do 1500 that would be good :)
  5. Is this for all 3 picks?
  6. Yes :)
  7. I can sell you an eff v UB III silk touch I diamond pick on Monday if you still need.
  8. kk paid thx :)
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  9. I may buy one in the future, but my pickaxe problems are solved for awhile.