[buying] silk touch pick

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  1. Hey emc! I am out to buy a silk touch diamond pickaxe or just a silk touch enchanted book. Please post offers in comments, tks!
  2. I have a diamond pick with silk touch but it is almost destroyed, I will take 700r for it
  3. I can get you a brand new diamond pickaxe with silk touch and nothing else for 1k. I can't get on till tomorrow
  4. Visit The Enchanted Mega Mall at 18252, smp9. All the picks you need and more! :)
  5. Agreed to the man with cyan text
  6. Enchant shop at 19091 smp9 :) (if you still need it lol)

    P.s. its mostly books thos :eek:
  7. Ok, thanks to all of you for the offers, ill check the shops out later today to compare prices, thanks!
  8. I have plenty of Un-used Silk touch picks that I can spare to sell (I shall not tell you how I get them :cool: )