[BUYING] Silk Touch Diamond Shovel and/or Fortune 3 Diamond Shovel

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  1. i would like to buy either a silk touch diamond spade or a fortune 3 diamond spade.
    Silk: 2.5k
    Fortune 1.5k
    pm me if you have one and are willing to sell XD
  2. The fortune has already been bought thanks to mtp1997 :p
    if you have a silk touch spade, i am still intrested XD
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  3. Why do you need a fortune spade?
    You cant do anything with it, Its basically just a spade,
    With a fortune enchant.
    You wont get more dirt, or anything you destroy with the shovel,
    Fortune only works with diamond picks in mining ores.
  4. you can actually get flint 100% precent with a diamond spade w/ fortune 3 compared with 7% with just your hand