[Buying] Sheep eggs

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  1. Anyone who has at least 400-800 sheep eggs to sell, well, I need em.
  2. How much per?
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  3. not sure, 12-14?
  4. Hmmm... Ill try and get you 50 for 14r and that comes to 700r. Is that all right and when do you need them by?
  5. I can get you large quantities at 10r per. I don't have 400-800 sitting around, but if I can get get a guarantee from you that you are actually going to buy them and I'm not going to end up with absurd amounts of sheep eggs, I can get you however many you need.
  6. Ill buy anything you can get, granted its between 400 and 1200 eggs. 10r is good and I can afford
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  7. Okay, do you have a preferred way to make the purchase? I can set up an access sign room for you to buy them in on one of my reses, or I could deliver if needed.
  8. Anything you want, I'll trust your judgment. Just message me when you have em :D