[BUYING] Share Your Scares Books 2015

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    • Would like them under 250r (each) if possible
    • Copies are fine with me, I'm not bothered about if I get the original book or not.
    • FULL book bundles are fine to post, as they are easier to handle.
    • Payment will be discussed with the participant who's items are chosen

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  2. Might want to get one of these closed
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  3. what do you mean 'closed'
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  4. You have two threads the same, report it and staff can close the thread by locking people from replying
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  5. Ok, thanks. I'm new to auctioning xD
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  6. Everyone has been at some stage :)
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  7. You may want to offer more ;) People have been offering me more than 2.5k for a book I didn't even write ( I had a friend write it for me because honestly I didn't care )
  8. Oops that was supposed to be XD. I'm using my kindle fire hd, see. It has that thing where if you get a word wrong it makes it the most similar word/phrase in the dictionary. XD
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  9. Really? That much! Wow, I need to get out more! Lol.
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  10. Kisses to you too XXX :p
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  11. get in there lad
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