[BUYING] Share Your Scare Books!

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  1. Hey EMC, Sean here with yet another thread! This time, I will be purchasing Share Your Scare Books. Well, the one's that I don't have. I'll be paying 1000 rupees for any book that you are willing to sell that I do not have!

    These are the Books I DO NOT Have

    Spooky Story - ItsMeWolffpack
    Shia LeBeouf - SkyDragonv8
    SCARY STORY - BountyCole
    The Hotel - Pixel_Cat23
    The Face - batroach
    Haunted Manor - SkeleTin007
    Eyes in Corner - ThePerfectAsian

    The Kill - BlooNaNa
    The Raven-EA Poe - Torian42
    AxeMurderHollow - Girneciallumi
    No Release - Kephras
    School Bully - iCrazyEvestar
    The Chatfields - Miss_Peevle
    Werewolf Attack - Torian42
    Volcano Chicken - Carconductor
    Casu Marlix - autumnrain26
    The Apartment - Scarmanzer
    The Happy Man - batroach
    red cape girl - zoltaroy
    Grumpy Cat - Pixel_Cat23
    Monsters are Real - Torian42
    Bad Creepypasta - Average Walrus
    Don’t go into the Orchard - SwordLord
    Steel - batroach

    Scary Story - MisterPiggy4647
    The Camping Trip - SunnyStorm7
    The - ww2fan168
    Share My Scare - SageCREEPER
    This Is The End! - AussieZaid
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  2. "Oh i might do this myself!"
  3. Thank you FlorasFaunas for selling me "Cold Storm Winds"!

    Thank you Kytula for donating "The Latte"!

    Thank you tuqueque for selling me "smp8..."!
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  4. Cold Storm Winds - khixan

    interesting read

    Thanks for the monies :) I like this plan
  5. Bump! Come on guys! You must have some books lying around!
  6. As a matter of fact, Sean, I don't. People already want some of my books.