[Buying] Several Things By The Stack

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  1. To avoid confusion, I've made a new topic, as I'm now buying different materials. You can find buying chests at res 1932 on SMP1 buying the following products by the stack:

    Cobble 64/30r
    Stone 64/48r
    Nether Brick 64/120r
    Oak Log 64/64r
    Pine Log 64/64r
    Birch Log 64/64r
    Jungle Log 64/64r
    Wool (All Colors) 64/64r

    If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding the prices, please PM me or catch me in-game. :)

    If the chests are full, please check back regularly, I empty them about once a day! If I'm no longer buying a product, I'll take the sign down. So if the sign is up, keep checking!
  2. Looks good I may go to sell stuffs
  3. Sell me as much as you want! I am not afraid to be spammed. :D