[Buying Service] 20k terraforming

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  1. Hey emc,

    i need someone to transform one of my 60x60 reses into a wild replica with hills, water, etc.
    shovels / picks not given,
    base price 1ok if done within an hour of this post it is doubled

    THANKS A TON emc,

  2. A few questions:
    Will you supply dirt/stone?
    If we do a mountain biome, do you want to be able to see into the side of the mountain that's cut off?
    Do you want the biome to be underground?
    Do you want cave systems?
    Would you want naturally spawned buildings?
  3. Generally this takes a really long time to do and lots of effort.. I doubt an hour is enough time.
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  4. Especially if we don't get a response from the OP. Lol.
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  5. Sorry guys, samsimx is doing it. I was just telling him what i needed
    *Raging care bear meme*