[Buying,selling,trading] Promos

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  1. I am buying all promos,

    But buying/selling these. PM me for offer on trades/offers with buying or selling.

    Turkey Slicer (1)
    Lucky Bow(1)
    Maxarian Head (2)
    ICC Flesh (1)
    Full starter set(1)
    6Starter set chest(1)

    IDay promos
    Labor Bench
    Promo horses
    Promo Bows
    Staff Heads
  2. Can you edit it to show which ones you are buying and which ones you are selling?
  3. i said that i was buying ANY promos and selling/trading the ones listed.
  4. Bump list updated
  5. BUMP! Need to get rid of these for new IDAY promos
  6. Bump! NEED MORE BUYERS!!!!
  7. Lucky bow for one Empire Firework (2014 I-Day)? :)