[Buying + Selling] The Free Tree Farm!!! harvest buy and sell logs! at 8294!

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  1. 8294 Tree Farm
    Need some rupees fast?
    Come to 8294 harvest the logs and sell them to
    the shop for a good price or buy then cheap
    to resell all free!!!
    also a the mini shop inside that buys and sells!
    PM xothis_dwarf for details
  2. Erm.. Did you just give build flag to everyone on a res with a bunch of trees? Because I'm almost 100% sure it'll get griefed.
  3. yeh well they'll get reported if they do or banned from the res
  4. i suggest you cover your property in furnaces to prevent that if you dont mind furnaces over everything
  5. xothis, please, I'm almost begging you to remove build flag on your residence. You are making it too easy for the greifers to greif you and NOT get caught.
  6. ok will do and its not mine my business partner and we have now removed it only workers can build
  7. sorry this thread is closed and if you want a job pm me
  8. Uh yeah, they could just grief when you aren't there/offline. Good thing you took of the build flag :)
  9. ok thanks for advice
  10. anyone know where to get diamond ore
  11. /waste

    Please stay on topic/report the OP for a close :)
  12. The wastelands

    Okay I'm done.
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