[BUYING & SELLING] Some good stuff

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  1. I am selling:

    - Diamond Supporter Vouchers
    - Gold Supporter Vouchers
    - Iron Supporter vouchers
    - Max Res Vouchers
    - ICC Special Eggnog

    Place in this thread or in game if you want to buy something.
    EDIT: Also give me a offer for the item that you want to buy.

    I am buying:

    - Dragon Eggs
    - Ender Crystal <---- I hope that is possible to buy :p
    - Derelict Vouchers

    Place in this thread or on game if you want to sell me something.

  2. I'll buy a gold voucher
  3. It's not. You can get an Original Dragon Egg for about 10million (if anyone will sell), and place one in the world, but you can't have one in your inventory.
    I'd make an offer for the max res, but I have no idea what these go for these days. If you can PM me a vague idea to work with, that'd be great.
  4. Basically, you have two options here. You could either attempt to buy an Original Dragon Egg (good luck with that, though :p) OR you could attempt to buy/request the services of one such ODE owner and have them place an Ender Crystal on your residence.
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