[BUYING/SELLING] Random Items (Updated Regularly)

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  1. Thread is organized as the following:

    Enderpearls - 4DC - 16 for 32r

    Marlix Chestplate - 1 - 25k
    Marlix Pants- 1 - 25k
    Granite - 1DC - 7k/ea

    Sandstone - 1DC - 8k/ea

    Pickup for all items is at (/v 5717 pickup) Utopia. Unless of course the item can be mailed, in which case it will be mailed free of charge :).

    This thread will be updated regularly so stay tuned. :p
  2. I'll sell three stacks of diamonds to you at 120 rupees per. :)

    I'm online now, just ping me whenever you're online.
  3. That's selling... I'm not buying anything atm. Unless of course you mean that you wish to buy?
  4. ohhh.. I interpreted that wrong. :confused:

    Nevermind :)
  5. sent you a pm.
  6. bump. now buying a few items.
  7. I'll buy all 3 stacks of diamonds, paying now.
  8. Sent. Thanks.