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  1. I own the established outpost of Terrione and I have great plans for the city of the northern wilderness, but I am busy with many IRL projects that do not allow me to be on EMC for enough time to finish a single project. As I have a mostly free day today, I wanted to post this looking for people who might be able to help me complete a few of the projects I have had on the back burner.

    Note: You can pick individual jobs to complete.

    City Subway Project:
    To reorganize the current subway system to reduce the clutter under the city streets. To connect all existing rail stations in a more seamless way. Involves rerouting rail and powered rail, retro-fitting 2 bridges to accommodate railways, digging tunnels to install new railway and basic digging of a plot for a station. I will supply rail materials, not tools.
    Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/7VCLy

    Building Teardown:
    To remove the building to follow zoning plans. Involves destroying the building, and storing all materials in chests on the plot.
    Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/3CJA9

    I would also like to keep both projects under 5k each, if at all possible.
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