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  1. Welcome one and all to my very own promo shop!
    The goal of this shop is to buy and sell promos from players.

    Are you looking for some quick cash? Do you need to fund some big project? I am here to help. By selling me your promos, I can offer you competitive prices and rupees on the spot. I am buying ALL PROMOS.

    Are you looking to increase your promo stash? Want pieces of EMC history? I am also selling the promos listed below with prices. These prices are negotiable if you need them for less.

    All promos (pm me if interested in selling your promos. We can discuss price there.)

    Birthday cake 2014 ---------------------------------------(12k)
    Stable voucher --------------------------------------------(10k)
    Empire firework 4th of July 2013-----------------------(25k)
    Cupid's bow------------------------------------------------(25k)
    Vault vouchers (1) ---------------------------------------(14k each)
    Starter sword-----------------------------------------------(1k)
    Dragon stone fragment (2)-------------------------------(5k each)
    Freedom blade (2)-----------------------------------------(30k each)

    If you are buying a promo, post in this thread. If you are selling a promo, send me a pm. I will accept fair trades.
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  2. I'll buy the unused Saltar, I'll pay ASAP.
  3. Send the money and I will mail you the saltar
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  4. What is the valentine gift exactly?
  5. I have paid you.
    Please mail me the Saltar.
  6. I'll take 2 vault vouchers. I've paid.