[BUYING & SELLING] ICC Valentines Head, Cupid Bow, Other Promos, and Blocks/Items!

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  1. Hello its BugsyWPfeiffer again.
    I have a list of things I am selling and buying today, so lets get started...
    Buying Currently ( You can pm me other things too ) :

    ICC Valentines Head - 10-12.5k
    Cupid Bow - Make an offer ( Ranging : 2-7.5k )
    Promo Instructions - 2k
    Vault Voucher - 9-12k
    Holiday Pick - 13-17k
    Any Promo Horse - 7-13k
    Other Promos - Comment/Pm

    NetherStar - 5.5-6k
    Wither Skull - Make an Offer ( Ranging : 1-2.750k )
    Podzol by the stack - 17r per stack
    DCs of Flowers - Message me!

    Selling Currently :

    Iron Ingots - 3.45r each
    Iron Blocks - 30r each
    Diamonds - 59r each
    Diamond Blocks - 395r each
    Diamond Ore - 180r each
    Xp Bottle per Stack - 480r each stack
    Other Items - Message me!
  2. I'll take some diamond blocks, how many you have in stock?
  3. I'll take all of these.

    Just a heads up, your buying prices are waaay below market.
  4. All Diamonds Sold out
    By Gre4t and Erik
  5. I reserve all diamond/diamond blocks you get from now until the year 9999!
  6. You have to put a number -

    EDIT : Realistic Number
  7. Just a question, as I didn't know.
    Where was the shop?
  8. I'll buy the Cupid bow for 5k
  9. ICC Valentines Head - 10-12.5k Worth 20-40k
    Cupid Bow - Make an offer ( Ranging : 2-7.5k ) Worth 10-15k
    Promo Instructions - 2k Worth 40-50k
    Vault Voucher - 9-12k Worth 15-19k
    Holiday Pick - 13-17k Worth 20-30k
    Any Promo Horse - 7-13k Worth 20-25k
  10. in my inventory -.-, You have to message me
  11. I don't think this is going well, can an Admin Close this?
  12. no, Thats what I'm buying
  13. ...
    Didn't I? Didn't Haro?
    #JustSaying you might need to figure out a better system of selling and clarification to meet you ingame - not just a price.