[BUYING/SELLING] FDNY21 Special Items and Rare Trades

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  1. Hey everyone! This thread is for my buying and selling of rare items. I will mostly be buying but I will still sell some things too :) I shall update the thread ever now and then with new items that I may be trading, so make sure you keep popping back to take a look!

    No longer looking for particular items. Message me in game to sell/trade me any special item. I may be looking for more certain items in the future.

    Currently looking to make some money, so I will be selling a wide range of items such as Independance fireworks, Turkey Slicers, Haunted Heads, Labor Benches and more! Contact me with offers :D

    Private message me on forums or in game with offers if you wish to sell or buy any items!

    2 Stars like this in front of an item: ** Means that I will pay more for them than I usually would right now as I am interested in them more at this time, these do change as time goes on so keep checking back! ~FDNY21

    If you have any items, come to me in-game with offers. This service will temp shut so I can sell items!
  2. Got my dragon poop? Its really poopy :p
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  3. You bet I do...xD Would help if it was in red writing and bold letters though...pewp :p
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  4. what would you pa for the ICC voucher?
  5. Pm offers please :)

    Updated again :p
  6. How much for the Haunted Head?
  7. Private message offers please
  8. Finally got the dragon poop ;) Bump!
  9. You're welcome.
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  10. I have two labor benches if you want to buy them.
  11. How much do you sell Haunted Heads for, and how much do you buy Turkey Slices for?
  12. Deal made in-game
  13. Requested for thread to be closed. Will be selling/trading until I reach my EMC target. Feel free to contact me in-game to buy/sell/trade, but I am not doing it as much anymore, hence closing of thread ;)
  14. Thread is closed
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.