[BUYING/SELLING] Deluxe Inc. Buying/Selling All Sorts Of Stuff

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  1. Ok so to make it nice and simple, I will be buying stuff I need for future projects or other stuff I will post in the [BUYING] section of this forum. So that means I will post stuff I am selling in the[SELLING] section of this forum.

    *Any complaints/concerns? PM me by clicking here otherwise, enjoy! :D


    1 Stable Voucher 12,999r

    1 EMC FW iDay Regular 21,999r

    1 Holiday Pick 29,999r

    1 Haunted Head 15,999r

    64 Anvils 11,000r For All

    2 Full Sets of Starter Armour (Helmet, Chest Plate, Leggings, Boots, Pickaxe, & Sword) 2,000r Per Set

    4 Getting Started Books 1,000r Per Book

    2 Of Each Haunted Candy (Gunpowder, Spider Eye, Bone, & Enderpearl) 200r Per Candy [RESERVED]


    Nothing Yet :p
  2. Reserve all the candy for me.
  3. Why are your anvils 171r each :3 I thought they might be worth 30-50r with our iron economy :p
  4. Okie dokie
  5. Im going by 2000's prices :p

    Also just added Holiday Pick to list =D
  6. Added EMC iDay Regular firework :D