[BUYING] Sculptures

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  1. Looking to buy some sculptures preferably quite compact. I love complex patterns of slabs and stuff like that. I don't mind what height, just something really pretty.
    Please post a pic of what you're showing me, and I'll tell you if I'd like it. I'll pm people and discuss pricing. I may or may not be able to supply, but show me your ideas please!
  2. Make them elegant!!!
  3. Bump. I'll place a sign saying the artists name!!! Please!
  4. Sounds cool. Im not amazingat statues but im a fountain master... is that ok?
  5. Im also good with slabs
  6. Yea great!! Can you get a pic for me cos I needa know where to put it.
  7. I have a strange lava-water-stone slab thing that i made in SP, should i send a pic?
  8. The pic doesnt fit...
  9. Yo, Does this count? :p

    Ignore the Ban...
  10. XD keep the pics coming! I don't have the space for HI! or any other words sorry, and I prefer nice looking stone slab spirals or shapes which look awesome
  11. Yes please!
  12. xD sorry I don't even know how to post a picture so I can't help you there...
  13. ... PLEASE!!!
  14. So...do you wanr me to make you a sculpture?
  15. airplane sound good?

  16. how do i get pictures up?
  17. Sorry dunno how to get pics up but please ask somebody and post them!!
  18. but i can build airplanes!
  19. Uh I really want a random pattern of slabs.