[Buying] Scare Books - 5k each.

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  1. Since I cannot redeem 1 of each myself and no (I've talked to) is willing to trade.. I'm paying 5k per book so I can read em all. PM me here if this interests you :)

    And no these are not for selling or simply to collect stuff. I want to read them all and see how good these stories are. This is the best way I can think of to get em all.

    The Hotel - Pixel_Cat23
    The Face - batroach
    Haunted Manor - SkeleTin007
    Eyes in Corner - ThePerfectAsian
    The Kill - BlooNaNa
    AxeMurderHollow - Girneciallumi
    School Bully - iCrazyEvestar
    The Chatfields - Miss_Peevle
    Volcano Chicken - Carconductor
    The Apartment - Scarmanzer
    The Happy Man - batroach
    red cape girl - zoltaroy
    Grumpy Cat - Pixel_Cat23
    Bad Creepypasta - Average Walrus
    Don’t go into the Orchard - SwordLord
    Steel - batroach
    Scary Story - MisterPiggy4647
    The Camping Trip - SunnyStorm7
    The - ww2fan168
    Share My Scare - SageCREEPER
    This Is The End! - AussieZaid
  2. When you get down to the last 10 or so let me know I can use my accounts to claim you the remainder. I'm not interested in books so happy to help you out.
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  3. Wow that's very thoughtful of you. Really appreciated. :)
  4. quick question, is that every book in the series? if so i will buy them all
  5. No these are just the remaining one's I need.
  6. ah i got confused by the title. maybe make it buying instead of buy
  7. Ya fingers were typing faster then brain lol Already have a report in for it :p Sorry for the confusion.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.