[Buying] Sandstone!

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  1. Hey guys! At my first res on smp5 I got a few chest set up to sell me sandstone! I need it for a big project so come sell your unwanted sandstone for money! I will also buy DCs of sandstone and sand for 6K per
  2. To save me having to check, what is the price?

    Also, you might get a few more people selling if you list it on my shop directory (in my signature).
  3. Next time I go to the wastelands, I'll mine for sandstone as well. What's the res # to sell it at?
  4. I can give you one for FREE. :)
  5. Will you pascal?
  6. Also it's my first res.
  7. That's not a bad price at all! If you add it to my site and check it out then I will sell you a bunch! I have a huge desert mining operation going and I'm also trying to promote the site. It should only take a minute to list and I really appreciate your feedback.
  8. That site is beyond awesome!!! I will definitely use this. Thank you for creating it!
  9. Thanks so much! Unfortunately a lot of people don't use it yet so the information is really limited. If you want to put it in your signature and help me promote it I put code/instructions here:
    Also, if you take a few minutes and run the auto-reader, it will add all the places you bought/sold in the past 3 months. You might find a place you bought sandstone from before that still has some in stock.