[BUYING] Sandstone

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  1. either Sandstone or Smooth Sandstone, either way. i need a ton of it so prefer double chests full.

    let me know Res# if you have some
  2. Look at the thread under you
  3. that's Smooth Stone. i need Smooth Sandstone.
  4. 1111 - Orange floor - 5-6 doubles of sandstone / Smooth sandstone
  5. Faithcaster, why can't I move on your res? You advertised your shop here and all I did was go and buy as much Sandstone as I needed. I was going to go back because I need lava buckets now and I figured you had them.
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  6. Nice, is your shop at 1111? What a great number!
  7. Nice number indeed.
    Closed for some updates atm ;)