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  1. Buying sandstone 4.5k per double chest
    required 10x double chest
    it can be smooth sandstone,sandstone,chisled sandstone but no mixed
  2. i raise my buying price to 5k per double chest
  3. What is it for?
  4. my wheat farm and the prepare for next update
  5. What do yhou need sandstone for the next update? (I havent seen the latest one so i might go look now)
  6. ugh i just need to make a cool place for the new farm ima make
  7. i have farms made from sandstone i have had for like a few months now i have a floor of every thing, coco beans, sugar cane, potatoes, carrots, wheat, nether warts, and soon will be trees. the walls are sandstone and same as the ceiling and i have glowstone lighting. if u want to see pm me. my res is 12731.

    just don't be a copy cat i hate when i design something and people steel it then say i copied.
  8. why would it matter what it is for? they are buying it.... lol
  9. lol flinch i aready saw urs
  10. but i have been adding to mine and i even have the tunnel that goes from 1 res to the other under ground. and i am finnaly unbanned.
  11. man i need some sandstone
  12. i raise my buying price to 5.4k per double chest
  13. lol i would sell u some but i need lots more.
  14. wow... if i was still playing this server i'd go into the wild and get u 10 dbl chests of it :) That 54k lookin' pretty sweet :)
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  15. ur not playing anymore?
  16. what did u do ?
  17. he said 5.4k not 54k and its not that much its so hard to get it the deserts are cleaned out u have to travel far out to get some.
  18. yet he said 10double chest =54k