[ BUYING ] Sandstone

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Diamonds or Iron?

Diamonzzzzzzzz 6 vote(s) 66.7%
IRON 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Gobstone308 and I need ONE double chest filled with smooth sandstone. Were willing to pay 3.2k for a double chest full with smooth sandstone.

    Drop off : I will be on smp7 14224 in a few minutes to collect the sandstone.

    Reason for all of the sandstone : MEGA SHOP!

  2. The poll is about?
  3. It said when I tryed to create the thread error you dont have a poll or something so the only way I could post this was by posting a poll. :/
  4. there are some glitches in the forums like i cant upload a file
  5. I wish you cuold ban people from threads.

    ON TOPIC : Please anyone, I can up the price, I need the sandstone.
  6. Aarg, my neighbor just bought all my sandstone. :/
  7. Your looking for SMOOTH sandstone right, not normal sandstone?
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    I need to fill this entire outside up of it.
  9. I can sell you TONS of smooth stone.
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  10. Smooth SANDstone?
  11. Sure that too.
  12. Well I need TWO double chests.... :p How about 5k for the two duoble chests?
  13. Deal I will bring da sandstone in a few.
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  14. mkay! 14566 smp7 would be awesome!