Buying sandstone glass and netherbrick

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  1. Buying sandstone 64 for 90r
    Glass 64 for 75r
    And netherbrick 64 for 100r

    All at SMP2 3765.

    You'll have to jump down to the bottom floor, as I move the spawn while building.


    Edit: sandstone price at 90r, netherbrick 100r
  2. You're willing to buy glass for 75 per stack?? I can get some if you want, but I can't take that much for it.
  3. 1770 sells ALL that for a low price!

    EDIT: smp1
  4. Well, consider it a bonus, since you'll have to bring it to my chests :)
  5. Well ok. I'll work on that glass.
  6. I will work on the netherbricks!
  7. I have to melt the sand, ill be over soon.
  8. 75r to buy 64 glass NO THANK U!!!
  9. He's buying the glass...facepalm
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  10. exactly how much sandstone do you need, i'll be glad to mine out a desert for you :)
  11. I officially wont need anymore glass for a while, the 4 double chests were filled up last night.

    I need as much sandstone as you can get me, i have 7 double chests setup on the bottom of 3765 to buy them.
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  12. attention all! We Need Sandstone to continue building! If you wanna see our hotel be completed before next millenium, sell to us so we can get it done =D
  13. ur chests are full now :)
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  14. Thx for being awesome again leo! I went ahead and moved the sandstone to other chests so we can start saving up for construction...and so we dont run out again =P

    edit: there are 5 1/2 chests open to sell to
  15. Pretty good on everything else, but still in need of loads of netherbrick. I've put the spawn at the bottom of 3765 for easy access. Let me know if you're willing to take bulk orders!!!
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  16. Also in need of bookshelfs and TONS of them. I am starting to work on the insides and chests, signs, and various wood items are needed! Plz message me if you are will ing to donate or if you can sell bulk.
  17. I can get you about 30 stacks of it
  18. Sounds awesome! Thanks!