Buying Sand

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  1. Hello everyone! I am buying sand in stacks! every stack ill pay 20r! so round up all your sand and come to me on smp6 at 12943!
  2. Mistro, ill tell u a secret "Nothing in the empire is that cheap".
  3. :eek: ok then, ill buy each stack for 30r, hows that?
  4. Ok set up some sell chests a voila
  5. kk, set one up, 64 sand for 30r, come to 12943 on smp6 to sell :)
  6. Its in the building blocks section with yellow wool
  7. Ok I may be on later or Tomorow :)
  8. I will sell you a stack for 30 rupees and I have 3 stacks, if you see me on just ask. My lot number is 1103 if you want to check out my store.
  9. i sell sandstone at 15r at times if not i sell for 20 r
  10. how much thoug for 15-20r?
  11. 15-20r a stack of sand of course...I sell bulk
  12. nice, might come buy some ;)