Buying Sand by the TON

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  1. Last post of the matter - all posts point here now...

    I have set up a buy shop at

    /v 1921 for sand and sandstone

    I am buying all sand at 32r a stack or sandstone for 128 a stack...

    Please help supply this - will help with pyramid thx

  2. Your chests are full, i suggest you make more chests
  3. Have some double chests ready I'm griefing my res apart and unclaiming i with a ton of sandstone it was made out of sandstone
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  4. Well, I've had more interest then I thought... I'll come up with numbers i need..

    thx for all the sand thus far.
  5. Need 4 more double chests of sand...

    please pm me or find in game if you have a case or more.

  6. Alright here if the best directions to get a bunch of sand, get some shovels, and walk out 500 blocks on a server and collect it, its free and easy. ^_^
  7. Thank you for the bump... OP is up there - thx.