Buying: Saddles, and fishing rods

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  1. I wanna Buy saddles and fishing rods!!!!!
    Willing to pay 30r per saddles and wat evers the price of fishing rods.!
  2. Someone's getting ready for the next update! :)
  3. Two words.... Pig racing!
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  4. pig racing? cool. and if i was still on i had a chest full of saddles :cool: cuz i spent lots of time looking for dungeons :).
  5. It will be nice to have a vehicle that makes land travel easy.
  6. You still have time to get them saddles Terry =P

    1.4 won't come out before halloween
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  7. Dungeon Hunting here i come!
  8. BUMP!! I want!!! :D
  9. There are some villager trades that gives saddles.. (Like 3-7 emeralds for a saddle)
    It might not be as cheap but it'll get you all your saddles you need.. All by getting paper or wheat..

    I think EMC shop sells saddles but.. I think they're really expensive.
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