[Buying] Rudolph Egg

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  1. Looking to buy a Rudolph Egg, please let me know your price, wanting a unused egg only :)

    Will look at slightly used eggs as well
  2. No such thing as slightly used :p It's either used or not.
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  3. Really? :p Do you know how much prices for both are? I'm sure they're rare to come by
  4. About 200k new and 150k used is what I would say.
  5. How do I tell the difference between a unused and used one anyways?
  6. Unused one is shiny (like the enchanted shiny) and doesn't say the stats. Used one is non-shiny and looks like a regular horse. You can see the stats of a used one and it doesn't have the original lore.

    The main differentiation is that it wouldn't have been spawned before, which means it will be shiny if it's unused :)
  7. xharo unused i seen them for 150k and used 100k.
  8. Alex is buying them for more - although artificial inflation.. Your estimate is probably closer to accurate.
  9. I believe AlexChance is now selling unused Rudolphs for 250k (last I checked)

    I haven't seen them available anywhere else recently