Buying Residences with Real money?

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Should Non Supporters be able to buy residences?

No, supporters pay for the previlage 2 vote(s) 66.7%
Yes, I love the idea! 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I know you can now buy rupees with real money I think it's 300r for 1 american dollar now I can't afford to be a supporter and get more residences. I think that it would benefit the empire because people could think bigger with their residences. That said it think that you should not be able to buy utopia residences as this sever was meant for gold and diamond supporters. Also I think there should be a limit to the residences people could buy eg: 5.

    Please give your opinions on it :)
  2. My opinion on this is that there are probably lots of supporters who are only supporters for the extra residences. If EMC allowed them to get the extra residences more cheaply by not supporting, but doing a one off payment instead, then they would go with this option. This would mean that EMC would have a lower income, and I know that EMC needs all the money that it can get, so this wouldn't really benefit EMC...

    Having said that, if the cost per residence was high enough to leave enough incentive for people to become supporters still, then fair enough. :)
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  3. BUT. WHAT are YOU thinking!!? Thats ONE of the points of getting supporter.
    AND. If you could buy residenses with real money why can't you get gold supporter for it, or diamond?
    I dont get it.
  4. It was just an idea sorry if I upset anyone
  5. Good idea, but could use some HEAVY tweaking and Moderation, and would cost more. My father personally will not let me get supporter, as he thinks that is a scam to make money.
  6. Nobody's upset, don't worry :)
  7. Be Happy