[BUYING] Remembrance Poppies [Memorial]

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  1. I'm buying Remembrance Poppies.
    I will buy both the 2014 and 2015 poppies.

    Ever since they came out I've thought that it was extremely wrong that this was made into a promo. I thought simply a renamed poppy would serve the purpose perfectly. Still remembering those we love and those we lost. Creating a promo out of such a time is slightly disrespectful in my opinion so I'm currently attempting to remove as many of these poppies as I can from the 'marke'

    Me and a few other members of the community are working on a memorial for the First World War. This will be a 100% non profitable res. It will be completely covered in these poppies so we can all come together and share some kind thoughts.

    I currently have no set price as to how much I woulf like to pay for these Poppies. Please comment what you consider a fair price or PM me in game/through the forums.

    Thank you for reading

  2. 1st also you might be albe to get them at /v +pp
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  3. Thank you :) I'll go and check them out now
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  4. This is the right thing to do! Will send some remembrance poppies in a bit. :) ( For Free)

    EDIT : sent =]
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  5. Thank you ever so much! :) It means a lot. Thank you once again.
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  6. i totally think the same, i'll send my doubles over right now for a total of 0r
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  7. Thank you very much, it truly does mean a lot.
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  8. Bump :)
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  9. I always agreed with you that not everything needs to be turned into a promo.

    For example, the sapling for Earth Day was just fine and served the purpose, and yet Veteran's day gets a promo for literally no reason.

    Do you need additional funding to buy up some of these?
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  10. It seems more disrespectful to try and remove these from the market in my opinion. I have yet to see anyone trying to make a massive profit off of all of these because most people understand the meaning behind them. If you're going to say that it takes away from the meaning, then why should we get any holiday promos? Wouldn't they all take away from the true meaning of the holiday?
  11. I'm glad we see eye to eye :) It's better to make a point and to have a meaning then to enter the market. I should be okay on funds for the moment but I very much appreciate the offer. If you feel like you really want to donate and it'd help and I'm sure you know that but I don't like to ask :)

    This I disagree with but hey we all have our opinions :) As many people have previously said they are sending duplicates, most of the players thst actually understand what this 'promo' is for are keeping one to remember the time. I also don't see how you can compare this to other holidays that easily. I even find that disrespectful but hey. Lets not start anything on such a thread. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
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  12. Bump it up :) If you have any ideas for the res please feel free to comment, a section for books maybe? Share some thoughts :)
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  13. Bump :)
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  14. Bump :)
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  15. Bumps :) Thank you to everyone who's helping out!