[BUYING] Redstone

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  1. Hey, so I have trouble finding alot of redstone and I always need it in bulk.

    Of course we all do but I would like to know if anyone has any they are willing to sell me for a decent price. I'm always looking at auctions but sometimes people like to sell it privately

    So if you need to sell, I need to buy XD

    Send me a price and we can talk business
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  2. I may have some I could give you for free, but if I do have a any redstone it would be less than a stack XD but I can see what I can do for you
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  3. You're so sweet ^_^
  4. Thanks :D I don't usually get called that though :/ I don't no why, maybe it's cause I'm so annoying XD most people find me annoying, but yeah I'll see what I can do. About to sneak online and see what I have :D I'll be online in a min.
  5. Wow I have more than what I thought, I have a couple of stacks. When do you think you'll be on next?
  6. I miggt can give you a few stacks blocks for free :)
  7. Ok now your trying to out do me XD
  8. Anything will help but I'm happy to pay for them XD
  9. If you could make a access chest on a res, I will put the redatone in there.
    Please give me the number of the res so I know where to go :p
  10. Sure its on smp3 7294 ^_^ I cant pay vault fees if need be
  11. is it just me or cant I look, but I dont see a access chest...
  12. Oops. My fault I forgot :(
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  13. Omg ahahahhahahahah lololololol
  14. Access chest is done. Sorry for the wait
  15. I sell some on my res at /v 911 on SMP1.

    If you need any other places, search up redstone on the site in my signature. I am the cheapest of the sites listed there though and I have almost 2 DCs for sale. :p

    You can also add a listing and a chest shop at your res and see if anyone sells to you.

    If you like the site and can contribute back any pricing information that would be awesome. We are almost at 1,000 listings now.
  16. I have more than 18 stacks of redstone blocks for sale at /v Dinthar on SMP 6. I sell diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron, lapis and quartz too.
  17. Will definitely check you both out. Thanks guys
  18. Have fun with it BlueVault, it is in the chest. I hope you like it :)
  19. I can sell you a double chest of redstone if you would like, and if so what would be your offer? :)
  20. I would. I will PM you

    Omg thank you so much. You are very kind
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