[Buying] Redstone

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  1. I need 2-4 double chests full of redstone, just inquiring as to how much that would cost and who could sell it to me.

    Only post to answer me.
  2. Why not set up a sugarcane farm and trade with villagers...
  3. How much have you got?
  4. sugarcane?
  5. 1 emerald for 4 redstone is a ripoff!!!!
  6. No redstone.
  7. Yes but when you can get infinite emeralds for free...
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  8. Okay then :D
  9. And how will you get infinite emeralds for freeeeeee?
    1. Make sugarcane farm
    2. Harvest sugarcane farm
    3. make sugarcane into paper
    4. trade paper with villager
    You have free emeralds :D
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  10. Ok!?
  11. My brother has a sugar cane harvesting 72 stacks per press of button.
  12. who is your brother?
  13. Oh I work at 903 and 1004!
    To get his sugar cane and wheat!
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  14. lol have not made it yet its a work in progress but if everything goes to plan it will give way over double chest
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