[BUYING] Redstone lamps, iron blocks, obsidian, sticky pistons, iron doors and red wool

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  1. Buying all of the stuff on title exept for iron blocks only axept 64 hier
  2. I can sell you alot of iron blocks :)
  3. So do you mean in stacks of 64?
  4. Project coming to EMC?
  5. Redstone Lamps, Sticky Pistons and Obsidian - 13439 | SMP6
  6. What can I see here?

    A passcode for a door
  7. uh, what?
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  8. From what I can see and what he's buying is a redstone passcode door, where you have to press the correct buttons to open the door. Using sticky pistons for the memory cells and the redstone lamps to indicate that you have pressed that button. Red wool and iron blocks for looks mixed in with the obsidian. Thats my guess! :p
  9. Oh,
  10. So sorry xD forgot the door part.
  11. Well, they rhyme, so it was close enough :)
    But it goes to show how changing one word can cause confusion.
  12. Yeah, I keep typing:
    'Thanks' instead of 'Thats'
    'Minecraft' instead of 'Microsoft'
    'Minecraft' instead of 'Minecart' and more :p
  13. And 'Tying' instead of 'Typing' :)
    I might be able to get you some red wool.
  14. Yep! Either that or im having one of them days.