[Buying] Redstone Comparators

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  1. Need 3 stacks. Looking to pay no more than 4k.
  2. Just saying but you can easily find them in malls, if not then you can definetly find the materials for them in malls.
  3. Malls don't have them in stock
  4. I have the goods. How can I give them to you?
  5. I think the reason you cant find them in shops or malls, is that alot of them dont offer enough cash to buy them. The reason i dont sell redstone comparators to malls, is that i make a loss.
  6. According to: Minecraft Resource Calculator

    3 stacks of Comparators will require:
    IE: 192 quartz, 576 redstone, 72 logs, 576 cobblestone.

    What do those cost these days?
    Quartz = 3r? (EDIT azoundria says 8r for quartz, that raises the cost a lot)
    Redstone = 4r?
    Log = 2r?
    Cobblestone = .25r?
    == 576 + 2304 + 144 + 144 = 3168r

    And he's offering 4k for them ready made. Seems good to me. You could turn a profit buying the items, then making them. :)

    EDIT: Revised price at quatz = 8r: 4128r
  7. Todd offers 27r each. Lots of other shops offer 25r each.

    My calculations are:
    3 redstone - ~2r each = 6r
    3 sticks = 2r
    1 quartz = 8r
    3 stone = 3r
    Adds up to a total of 19r.

    So I would say that you can make a decent return selling them.
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  8. In other words, if more shops offer to buy comparators for a higher price, they can still afford to charge a higher price when selling them. This is evidenced by the fact that shops currently have sold out.
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  9. Yeah quartz is definitely not 3r, because quartz blocks are in such incredibly high demand and they're sitting around 35r in stock now (taking 4 quartz to make).

    Also, redstone generally averages around 2r (although it varies wildly between 1r and 3.5r). And keep in mind that it's stone, not cobblestone, which is usually around 1r, while cobblestone can be gotten reliable around 0.6r.
  10. selling to shops is also quite risky as you dont know how much stock they have/ need. Considering the high cost per unit and low margin, it would appear it is too much of a risk when things like pistons and hoppers are in greater demand and give good margins
  11. Alright I've set up a shop at /v 19500 on SMP9. 5 stacks + 47 in stock. Space for ~12 stacks if you want to sell them to me. It's amazing that I'm the cheapest of the only two shops in stock in the entire empire that I'm aware of. (I just went through over 10 that were out of stock.) I also have the highest pay if you sell to me.

    Regarding selling to shops I usually use my site to find the highest payout and other shops that may also have space. You can try to sell without having the item to see if the chest has space. I then make a small amount if it does and sell those. Sometimes it will fill up and leave me with inventory and I will just go to the next shop on the list that will pay a slightly lower price.