[BUYING] Really efficient iron farm.

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  1. As the title states I am looking to buy the coordinates for a really efficient iron farm.
    I would prefer that it is not located on smp1 or smp3. One thing I would require of it is that is far enough away from spawn to prevent it from being griefed and that it must be in the Frontier.
    I will pay up to 15,000r for use to the farm.
    PM me with offers!
  2. What's wrong with the Utopia one?
  3. My supporter status runs out in 4 days and I'm not going to renew it.
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  4. I tried building this design, but it never was able to form the line of villages that cause the extreme spawning rates of golems.

    If you want to build your own farm, better start stocking up wood.
  5. what utopia one?
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  6. Say's the video doesn't exist.
  7. I can probably build you an efficient iron farm but 15k is kinda cheap.
  8. I'd rather just buy rights to a current one. And if I have to make one I would prefer to build it myself.
  9. I could possibly build one. How many cells? I can probably try SMP2 if I built it.