[BUYING] Raw Fishes

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  1. I need two stacks of Raw fishes.
    I'm willing to pay 1k per stack for it, i really need them like now.
    I need to tame many ocelots i found from flattening the jungle biome.
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  2. The empire shop sells them for 576 per stack or 10 per fish, /shop.
  3. I can supply you some RAW FISH if you pay that much.
  4. And how much do you supply raw fish?
  5. 1 fish each 15 seconds.
  6. Deal. Just tell me when you start fishing, then i will pay 1k while your fishing.
  7. I'm fishing at smp7 right now.
  8. lololol fishes. :) that is a funny word. ^.^
  9. I got 35 fishes so far :D
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