Buying Rares

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  1. Hey guys! Heres a list of rares I'm buying. Warning: I may not be able to afford your prices when the offer is made but I'll try and get the money quickly)

    Magic Eggcelent Wand (Make an offer)
    IcC Birthday Voucher(3k-6k)
    Cupid's Bow(Make an Offer)
    And more! You may offer anything but it may not be accepted. Thanks!

    I will continuously update this thread! Make sure to check back every once in a while!
  2. I have 2 of the new I-Dat Fireworks for sale.
  3. Sorry but I have 1 of those I am currently trying to get rid of XD Thanks anyways.
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  4. I'm selling maxarian heads at 17000 on smp8 in the EMC Exclusive section.
  5. Thx Mirr0rr! I'll be sure to check it out!
  6. I'll sell maxarian head for 15k and eggcellent want for 15k
  7. Sorry Gap542 got the head and could you do 7k on the wand?
  8. Can we do 7k for the wand?
  9. I thought my silence had answered the first time.

    Sorry but no, looking for more.
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  10. Ah. Ok. Well. I don't know if I wanna do 15k for it. Thx anyways though
  11. interested in 2012 firework? if so; offer.
  12. Promos for sale at /v 1112!
  13. I will do the wand for 14k, but not lower than that.
  14. Darn i wish i held onto my 20 some easter promos instead of sold them for 8k each xD (bought them for 6k each when they first came out)

    Selling Maxarian heads at 17000 on smp8 if you change your mind about not needing more. 10k each i think

    Lol whoops. Already commented that earlier xD ^
  15. What's the lowest you can do on it?
  16. Honestly, I'll keep it.

    BUT.. I'm sure you can get it for cheaper, just ask around the servers. I'm not even sure on its price myself :p
  17. Are you good with 42k?
  18. Are you interested in lucky bow? give me an offer
  19. No thank you. Sorry.