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  1. Hey there EMC
    As I've understood Aikar hosted a pretty crazy drop party last night.
    I'm interested in a list of the items that was dropped, if anybody could take their time to write a list down that'll be juuust perfect.
    Also I might be interested in buying some of all the rares that was thrown to your pockets last night :)
    If you were lucky and got some great items please PM me and tell me what you've got and how much you would like for the item.
  2. What xHaro has in that link, and the Egg Nogs were also dropped by ICC :)
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  3. Marlix armour
    Plain old Diamond blocks :p
    Not sure about the gold
    I believe the enchanted books were nothing too special, one of my mates got an efficiency I, but that could have been dropped by another player I suppose
  4. What are the 2013 flowers worth? Im interested
  5. Around 27k
  6. It depends. The ones handed out on Valentines day are worth around 30k. The ones given out last night I've been buying decently for 10k each.
  7. Whoawhoawhoa... enchanted player heads?
  8. Aikar Heads :]
  9. Are you only looking for the rares dropped from that party or all promos/rares?
  10. Update
    So yeah, ICC/Aikar did some crazy drop party 23/12/2013, at that party they dropped Egg Nogs which is an item where you can claim any EMC rare you would like.
    As i see it the most valueable rare you could get out of an Egg Nog is an Ore Buster.
    I will be buying one or two Egg Nogs are 50,000R each or 3 ore buster each, please either find me in-game or make a conversation.
    You may also start a conversation if you have any other special item for sale, i like to buy rares ;D

    Faithcaster - 26th December /-=2013=-\
  11. Woah.. I sold 2 for 4k..