[BUYING] Rare Horse Items

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  1. I am going to be making a smallish museum consisting of a variety of horse items.
    I already have most of the common items, but I am still looking for a few rarer ones:
    Original Starter Horse (Still looking for more)
    And any other rare horse items.
    Please either pm me or post in the comments your item, and your wanted price.
    Donations are welcome, whether in rupee or item form. Donators will be featured on a wall of fame in the museum.
    themanofA-Thank you very much for your generous donation of 60k! It really helped kick off the museum!

    (I'm not sure why there are two spoilers, but click the second one :) )
    ~ Thanks!
  2. I can sell the:
    - Saltar
    - Valens
    - Rudolph

    Please contact me in PM or in game.

  3. I now have a rudolph and original starter horse, but I'm still looking for the others :)
  4. Is a 47% jump considered rare if not the worst jumper in town? It is horrible for sure lol. You can have it if you like.