[Buying] Rare Heads

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  1. Hey EMC. :)
    As some of you know, I have a player head museum on SMP7. I would be very happy to display some rare player heads. These include player heads such as ChickenEar, a different coloured Krysyy head etc.
    Also still looking for a BigDavie player head.
    If interested please make a pm with me ingame or on the site. :)

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  2. Crap... I've had an Aikar head before... I sold it. I could tell you who I sold it to though.
  3. Already have his :) Thanks anyways. Looking for the ones that I have suggested :)[/quote]
  4. I can sell you a chickenear head. What would you pay
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  5. I let the seller make a price. I like to let them name a price that they feel comfortable selling it. Either make a pm or on this thread :)
  6. What about an Aikar Killed in PVP Head?
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  7. Yea sure. If you wouldn't mind making a pm, on my phone and it isn't the most efficient way >.<
  8. I also need a Purple Aikar and krysyyjane9191 head!
  9. krysyy is giving away some heads on her birthday party soon! Ya might get them there... Maybe.
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  10. Also looking for different coloured krysyyjane9191 heads