[BUYING] Rails, rails, and more darn Rails.

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  1. I'm looking to buy both rails and powered rails in massive bulk from anyone.

    I'll only buy:
    1 stack of powered rails at a time
    9 stacks of rails at a time

    This is for a massive wild base project, and getting there is most likely the most expensive part.
    Lets just say I'll need enough rails to cover a distance in the nether most people only dream of crossing in the overworld.

    Either post here or send me a PM with your offers!
  2. I think i have a LOT in stock at 18894 on smp9, let me check:D I do not have powered rails though:(
    Edit: I can sell 9 stacks of rails to you for 3.6k:D
  3. 18885 has rails!
  4. What price wolves? And how much is in stock?
  5. I think I have around 5 stacks of powered rails in stock at 811 :)
  6. What price? I'll buy em all.
  7. May bad, 2 stacks and 1 for 32r
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  8. 43r per 16 rails
    19r per powered rail
  9. 32r per powered rail? Hm, I'll think about that.