[BUYING] Rabbits Feet

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  1. I am buying rabbits feet at 250r per foot. PM me with what you have :)
  2. These are rare?
  3. 1 in 256 chance of dropping, so yea, kinda rare.
  4. i gave 32 away for free because i thought they were worthless lol
  5. Rabbit's feet are a rare drop, meaning that they have a 2.5% chance to be dropped when killed by a player. Each level of looting increases this by 1% (increased from 0.5% in 1.7, yay ^-^), so looting 3 would result in a 5.5% drop rate, which is an 11/200 drop chance. You may want to check those numbers of yours. :p
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  6. I have 9 stacks...

    EDIT: Try these stores...

    /v 2000 (smp1)
    /v 1215 (smp1)
    /v shavingfoam-3 (smp5)
    /v +poof (smp2)
    /v reversedtardis (smp9)
    /v tcb (smp8)
  7. I just went off of what somebody told me and it sounded accurate :p
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  8. shavingfoam and Todd are already bought out by me :p I have been shop banned from poof and I may have bought out the others too, i am not sure. Are you willing to sell some of them?
  9. Check out 12015 This weekend ;) Might have them not sure yet :p
  10. hopefully! Ill go check it out :D
  11. Increased buying price to 250r per foot!
  12. I have 2 at my res. I won't be on for about 4 hours though. At work now XD We have done business before, so if ya pay me for them I will mail them to you as soon as I get on EMC. Sound good?
  13. awesome :D
  14. I sent the feet. Thanks again Ark!