[Buying] Quartz

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  1. I am needing a ton of quartz for my project and after mining about 3-5 dc of quartz blocks, I found out I need a ton more. So if you can sell me a bulk amount of quartz, message me and we can negotiate a price :) I'm also buying diamonds :D

    Prices im looking at:
    DC of quartz Flakes - around 15-20k - Negotiable
    DC of Quartz Blocks - Around 50-65k - Also Negotiable
    Diamond blocks - 460r
  2. Changed Prices :D
  3. I could most likely get you a DC of flakes in a day or so :)
  4. Okay how many dc?
  5. If you give me a little bit I could get 2 DCs, but it might have to wait a week as I have family staying at my house
  6. Ok but try to get it ASAP because I want to finish my building quickly :p
  7. Bump... Still buying a ton more
  8. Still wanting tons more :p
  9. I might be able to get you a DC of blocks.
  10. P
    PLEASE PLEASE DO :( I really need them
  11. How many diamond blocks are neededz?
  12. 5 more D:
  13. I still need a ton more quartz