[Buying]quartz, slime balls, sticky pistons, blaze rods, beacons, glowstone

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  1. Hello I will be buying quartz flakes or blocks(as long as not chiseled or in collums]
    Glow stone
    Slime balls
    Blaze rods
    And beacons

    Please make me an offer and I will let you know, as long as its not outrageous ill probably buy them
  2. I can sell you:
    Slime balls
    Blaze Rods
  3. It would be much easier and convenient to but these from a shop. Try 4005 on smp2, or 1112&413 on smp1
  4. Great I need as many slime balls as you can sell/ I have money for 2 or more stacks of blaze rods and I need to know how much you want to sell for

    How much for beacons

    Thanks for your recommendations I will try those as soon as I can get online and see what's the cheapest
  5. Isn't 413 stopped for renevations