[Buying]Quartz Ore

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  1. im buying quartz ore in bulk... if you sell can you post your price per stack
  2. How much ore do you need? I can sell you quartz ore 2000r each stack. I also accept trades. The items I am currently accepting as trades are listed below:
    Diamond = 45r each
    Diamond Block = 450r each
    Emeralds = 20r each
    Emerald Block = 180r each
    ORE BUSTER = 3 stacks of quartz ore
    Quartz Block = 10r each
    Ice = 64r each stack
    Glass = 64r each stack

    REMEMBER: Reply to my question. How much ore do you need?
  3. is that 3 stacks of quartz and u give an ore buster?
  4. If someone gives Ore Buster I will give 3 stacks of ore
  5. My res smp6 12993
  6. buying blocks and flakes too!!!!!!!!!
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  7. I can sell you blocks at 15r a block?
  8. I will maybe hav a DC of quartz flakes tomorrow if u r interested?
  9. Hey i should have a DC of quartz flakes by tomorrow... Im looking for at least 20k for it if u r interested. :)
  10. Do you want quartz flakes or ore?
  11. we want all but honestly it would be easier to get flakes and blocks
  12. ok I'll PM you