(buying)Quartz ore

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  1. Does anyone sell quartz ore by bulk i need 5 stacks please post ur price:)
  2. whats ur price for 5 stacks... 10 stacks?
  3. 1 stack=150r? 120r? 100r?
  4. 150x5=750r
    150x10= 1500r
  5. Ill go 10 and pay 1600 for delivery to my res... its #8249 on smp4...there will be a chest set up
  6. read the thing above i forgot do quote it
  7. Ok, getting it. Thanks for your business!
  8. I paid for 10... chest set up on my res(8249 on smp4) its in the building woth the 2 towers on it... under item delivery sign
  9. do you know when it will be delivered
  10. ASAP, or maybe 1-2 weeks.
  11. hey do you think we can make a delivery thing where every time you get 2 stacks you deliver it until it totals 10
  12. ok thx
  13. Quartz at 10117 on SMP5
  14. ore?
  15. Flakes and ore
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Thread Status:
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