[Buying] Quartz Items!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have opened a shop where i am now buying all types of Quartz to sell at. I am collecting to finish my build and I will be buying as much as i can get and i have set it up to buy all types with plenty of room.

    The res is located at


    Sell as much as you want...
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  2. I also need Quartz.. Sadly I don't have much to sell to you..
  3. I aim to finishy mall, museum, and my small 8 res build in the development with galazeek,
  4. Oh that's not so much.... Also 8 residences is so small my builds are like one residence.
  5. Just sold ya all I had :) And sorry for the sell spam lol 20 stacks of stairs, selling 1 at a time :p

    Will drop more blocks off as I get them.
  6. Would you mind listing the prices you buy them for,
    I may not be able to get back from the wild, so it would be a big help.
  7. There is a 16 per on the other side lol
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